Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl Thoughts

First, the commercials:
Nice to see the '85 Bears Shufflin' Crew, or, as I like to call them, the biggest gimmick team in sports, sell out again . This time they even managed to work in Jim McMahon wearing a thong. Thanks for that image, guys. I tried to make fun of my Bears fan friends about that and blew the joke which was disappointing.

Indie rock was all over the place. It was like listening to my playlist at work. I caught Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, the Heavy, and Kasabian for sure but there may have been others.

Apparently the hot trends in advertising are people in their underwear, encouraging men to be all manly and stuff, and trying to make me go to your website to see the full commercial. No. I won't do it.

Someone at the party I attended works for Motorola and said they sent out an email announcing no raises for anyone this year followed the next day by an email bragging that they bought a Super Bowl ad. He seemed a little annoyed when he saw that his raise went to pay for Megan Fox in a bathtub.

Who knew going into tonight that the Chiefs would get a win and the chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy? Brian Waters won NFL Man of the Year and Hall of Famer Len Dawson got to carry the trophy to the stage. Unfortunately, that's about as close as they're going to get for a while.

Was I the only one who thought the best part of the half-time show was clearly the stage? Let's hear it for LEDs! Surrounding them with that was approximately 800 billion times cooler than making a bunch of people off the street wear the same color of t-shirt and run onto the field to pretend they're excited to see rock stars in their 60's lip sync a medley of their greatest hits. I like the Who and they weren't bad for the most part but is it possible to get somebody who didn't peak decades ago? What's going to happen when all of these bands actually can't perform anymore?

I was browsing through the list of Super Bowl halftime shows and I'm pretty sure this one from '91 is my favorite description:
New Kids on the Block, Disney characters, Warren Moon, 2,000 local children, audience card stunt
OK, maybe the Who isn't so bad after all.

Gotta love the Saints onside kick attempt. He'd be raked over the coals if it didn't work but they were going to need some breaks if they were going to pass the Colts. I'm disappointed we didn't get a cut to that Playboy skank after her 4th string receiver husband booted the ball. CBS was surprisingly restrained with only one cut to the Manning luxury box that I remember and none to that chick or the Kardashian.

Loved the dude with the Superdome shaved into his head picking off Favre's last pass and the game-clinching pass tonight. Those are two pretty impressive picks.

The studio guys for CBS...yeesh. I'll listen to what Cowher says but I don't think Marino or Boomer bring much to the table and I usually have no idea what Sharpe is trying to say at all. I will say they have taken fake-laughing to a level I didn't think humans could possibly reach.

While watching Brees and son on the field after the game, one of those guys said that winning a Super Bowl was the most precious moment a father could share with his son. Damn, thanks for nothing, dad.


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