Thursday, June 03, 2010

Unleashing some outrage

I'm outraged, dammit! Let me tell you about it.

First, there's this oil well thing. It's hard to find anybody that comes out looking even remotely decent in this thing. The BP execs are typical scum of the Earth who should immediately be fired and when the golden parachute inevitably opens and they are rehired by some other oil company we should garnish their wages for eternity. "I want my life back." Yeah, well, we want the "very big ocean" back.

Palin decided that she was going to blame the environmentalists for this one. According to her twisted logic the people that don't want any more drilling made other people drill in the ocean by blocking drilling in the arctic...or something. I shouldn't have even mentioned her moronic ass.

NPR had a story with a bunch of people in the Gulf who have been hit hard economically by the spill but the twist was they wanted to drill more oil. Why is it that actually taking some drastic steps to reduce our oil consumption seems to be the only things not on the table?

Obama. I'll preface this by saying that I'm more than a little skeptical of the GOP's sudden interest in federal intervention in disaster areas and in protecting the environment but could Obama's team have their head up their ass any more on this? There's a couple of things I think could be happening. One is they really don't want to step in too much because they can see the writing on the wall that this thing isn't stopping anytime soon and want to avoid the majority of the blame. Makes sense but it's all going to blow back on them anyway so they may as well own it now and try to get something done. If they actually believed what BP was telling you then they're fucking stupid. These people have nothing but their own self-interest at heart. The people in this administration should be smarter than that. Or maybe they fell for the "Beyond Petroleum" BS these people have been spinning for a while.

It pissed me off to no end that all of this drilling could occur without any sort of plan to fix a problem like this. I had a bunch of other "outrage" to add to this post but after seeing the pictures of the oil-covered birds and barrels upon barrels of oil washing onshore it all seems pretty meaningless now.



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