Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 Strike

One of the quirks I like about baseball is how you can be one pitch away from ending an inning or a game but missing that pitch can mean starting all over with a new batter or extra innings. It's kind of like getting to a match-point in tennis. You're right there but if you don't get it you could have a lot more work to do.

Anyway, there were two examples of that tonight. The first was the Cubs, who were trailing the Rockies 5-2 in the 8th inning with 2 outs and 2 strikes. One good pitch and they have one inning to pick up those three runs. Unfortunately, they missed that pitch which led to the Rockies ripping off a stunning 11 straight hits and a 12 run inning. Whoops.

Then there was the much-maligned Royal, Alex Gordon. Alex was billed as "The Next George Brett" from the moment he was drafted and has always struggled to live up to those crushing expectations. He's just back from his latest stint in AAA so he could learn to play in the outfield instead of 3rd. Why does that make any sense at all? You tell me. There was a vintage "Royals Moment" the other day when their outfield consisted of a former 3rd baseman (Gordon), a former pitcher (Ankiel), and a fairly useless utility player (Bloomquist). Royals Fever...Catch It!

So, Gordon is up at the plate, bottom of the 9th, 2 men on, down by 1, 2 strikes, 2 out and he jacks a walk-off homer. One nice moment in what has probably been a pretty crappy season. It was the type of moment people like to dream will reinvigorate his career but, well, it's the Royals so let's just enjoy it for what it is.


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