Saturday, July 24, 2010

We can't stop here. This is Bat Country

Well, it's primary election season in Kansas which is always an entertaining moment to take a peak into the batshit craziness of the Republican Party...if you dare. Sadly, many of the important races are still decided in the Republican primary but it's tough to know who to root for. Usually the race is between two archetypal candidates. The first is "The Moderate", who still retains some of the "common sense midwestern values" (or whatever vague generality they use in their commercials). This candidate will almost always cruise to victory in the general election. The second candidate is "The Uber-Conservative." You'll find them at the Tea Party rallies ranting about how The Moderate wants to let illegal immigrants abort your baby then tax all of your money away to fund ACORN's secret plot to install Kenyan presidents along with simultaneously placing the country under sharia law and embracing "San Francisco values." The Moderate responds by claiming they've always loved the Tea Party and they really do dislike brown people more than the other guy and he's running a negative, disrespectful campaign. You think I'm exaggerating but you haven't seen Jerry Moran vs. Todd Tiahrt for Senate. The fact that one of these ass clowns will replace Sam Brownback who will slide into the Governor's Mansion makes my skin crawl. Come home, Kathleen Sebelius!

At first glance you'd think I'd rather have the Moderate win but, despite their reputation, this candidate is usually only slightly less crazy than the Uber-Conservative and will cruise to victory. The Uber-conservative can be counted on to say something horrifying enough that the middle-of-the-road voters recoil in disgust and vote for a moderate Democrat. I'm not sure I see a strong enough candidate to knock off either one of them so...go Moran, I guess?

The congressional race to replace Moran and Secretary of State race have taken things to a new level of craziness as we debate the issues that really matter to Kansans. How to fund education? Investing in coal versus wind power? Hell no! We wanna know if Obama is a damn Kenyan!

First up is the front-runner for the Republican nomination in the 1st, Tracey Mann. He had garnered the endorsement of the two largest newspapers in the district and was surging in the polls before he went on the radio and said "I think the president of the United States needs to come forth with his papers and show everyone that he's an American citizen and put this issue to bed once and for all." This led to both newspapers retracting their endorsements which "mystified" the campaign who claimed it was all a big misunderstanding!

"Tracey has seen sufficient evidence to prove Obama is a citizen," DeVantier said, explaining that Mann had seen that evidence some time ago, and not in the past few days. "He believed Obama was a citizen when he said that on the air."
Clearly! How could anyone get the idea that he might have any question about Obama's citizenship? It's not like he has a pattern of making statements like this. Oh...wait.
KSAL's Bryan Jennings, who asked the question, said he brought up the issue because Mann had questioned the president's citizenship at a June 21 candidate forum in Elkhart.

The Salina Journal obtained a copy of video from that forum, which shows Democratic candidate Alan Jilka answering first, saying he didn't think the question of Obama's citizenship merited the time it would take to respond.

Mann was next up, saying he disagreed with Jilka, and that "I would say that he should show his birth certificate to really resolve this thing one way or another."
The newspapers seemed to be caught off-guard by this whole thing:
Editor and publisher Tom Bell, who wrote the Journal's endorsement, said he, too, plans to withdraw his endorsement.

"I am pulling my endorsement and will have another editorial early next week," Bell said Thursday.

He said he will take another look at the five remaining Republican contenders.

If this is an important enough issue to merit that response, why didn't Bell ask Mann his opinion of Obama's citizenship status before making the endorsement?

"I never dreamed it was necessary to ask this of any of the candidates," Bell said. "I thought it was so far out of the mainstream."
Ha! I'm curious how long Bell has been in this state. Has he been paying attention?

Surely not to people like Kris Kobach, running for secretary of state, who has chosen to base his entire campaign on the complete non-issue of "voter fraud." He's a law professor and a big wheel in the anti-immigration crowd to the point that he was one of the main authors of the infamous Arizona law. He even brought in that asshole sadist sheriff from Arizona, who's always on Fox News, to campaign for him. Anyway, he also decided to jump into the birther "controversy" with both feet.

Sigh. Like I always say, it's all fun and games until the assholes are elected.

UPDATE: At least we aren't "debating" freaking secession yet like they are in Tennessee. Yikes. What has happened to us?
"I hope that the American people will go to the ballot box in 2010 and 2012 so that states are not forced to consider separation from this government," he told the Hotline.
Who the hell do they think voted for Obama? Maybe that's where Kobach gets his hard-on for voter fraud. Newsflash, dipshit: the people voting for Democrats are "American people" just like the ones voting for Republicans. Seriously, you don't actually have a God-given right to control the country.


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