Friday, August 20, 2010

Breaking: Lots of dumb people live in America

While I've been up to my balls in literature about Parkinson's disease I do still manage to stick my head up and take a glance at the outside world once in a while. Much like the groundhog I see my shadow and it's 6 more weeks of studying.

Today I noticed there's been some muttering about a new poll showing that around 24% or so of Americans think Obama is a Muslim. No problem, we'll just ban him from Ground Zero and be on our way. Oh, he's not actually a Muslim?

Not surprisingly the news media folks like to ask the question, "what does it all mean, Basil?" To me, it doesn't mean much. Bush bottomed out at around 30% approval rating, correct? So, that, right there, provides a baseline of people ignorant or stubborn enough to ignore 8 years worth of evidence that this man was a complete disaster as our president. When you look at it in those terms Obama is doing pretty good, right? 24% can't name the country the United States fought for its independence. 18% think the sun revolves around the Earth. 48% of Americans think God created humans exactly how we are within the last 10,000 years!

Clearly stupid people are everywhere and clearly a minority of people in this country will never accept Obama as president. Why, then, do we need endless headlines linking "Obama" and "Muslim" just because we've, once again, proved that there are lots of dumb people out there?

I hate to end on a negative note (not true) but here's a funny satire piece, "20% of Americans Think Obama is a Talking Car"
And Tom Logan, an electrician from Pittsburgh, added: "He sleeps in a garage and his full name is Barack Mitsubishi Obama."

A White House spokesman said last night: "The president has been in cars. Many of his relatives and even some of his friends can drive cars. The president actually quite likes cars.

"But he's not a car."

Helen Archer, an estate agent from Bloomington, Indiana, said: "I wouldn't necessarily choose a car as president, but if he is a car then I'd certainly prefer him to be one that can talk.

"The last thing this country needs right now is one of those silent, menacing cars like Christine or Herbie."


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