Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Does anyone know who U2 is?"

Iowa State sent me 3 or 4 emails today in an attempt to keep me connected to the University and what they're doing in the hopes that I'll donate part of my fat (and non-existent) engineering salary to them. Sometimes there are a few interesting links and today I was anxiously reading through the article explaining how the value of my undergrad degree has diminished as the University plunged a full two spots in the US News and World Report rankings. Choke! How can anyone take us seriously now that we somehow have come up short in whatever arbitrary statistics they're using to judge universities this year? Don't we have people working on how to game the system to our advantage? Is there an online voting portion we could rig?

Anyway, that wasn't what was interesting. What was interesting was the link I saw to this article on thescientist.com profiling an ISU mechanical engineering professor who has developed a camera system that can collect and reconstruct high resolution 3D data in real-time. Apparently this could be really beneficial in biomedical fields and boring stuff like that, but, it can also be used for totally rad stuff like Radiohead music videos and U2 concerts!

Aside from the cool technology I really enjoyed his quote about the Radiohead video:
"We couldn't understand why they wanted to mess with our system," he says. But he was pleasantly surprised by the final product. "We are engineers," he adds. "We have no idea how art works."
Too perfect.


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