Monday, October 25, 2010

The Rehabilitation of LeBron

It begins.

Nike broke out the big guns in this inevitable 90 second ad and even included a wink to Chuck and his notorious Nike commercial from years ago. Gotta admit it's kind of a funny commercial and has a point that he can do what he wants even if whatever that is is probably warped by his massive ego and the hero worship that built it. It's not exactly going out on a limb to predict that the Heat and LeBron are going to be in Beast Mode this season and I'm kind of excited to see it in a way I haven't been excited about the NBA in a long time...or ever? On the eve of the new season "The Decision" seems like it happened ages ago. Sorry, Cleveland, sucks for you but we're moving on.

Full disclosure: I drafted LeBron #3 overall in the 2010 "Pull Your Socks Up" Fantasy NBA Draft yesterday and we're planning on crushing everything in our path this season.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Are you not entertained?

Paul Rhoads celebrating with the fans after knocking off Texas, ISU's first win against the Longhorns ever, first win against a ranked team since 2005, and first road win against a ranked team since 1990! When you consider that the team had lost their last two games by a combined score of 120-27 and this borders on miraculous. Except, not really.

The ESPN Big 12 blog captured part of why Rhoads is such a great fit for ISU with this quote:
"When you’re sitting here on a Sunday night like I was hours ago and you’re looking into the eyes and faces and body language of 105 guys that are trying to do what you ask them to do, but not being met with a lot of success right now, you’re challenged as a leader," Rhoads said on Monday. "You’re challenged to motivate, you’re challenged to teach, but that’s what I was hired to do."
Apparently he found a way to motivate the team which means they are still buying in and working hard. It says a lot about his passion that national media members were already looking forward to the postgame locker room video which helpfully provided. It's kind of interesting that Chizik, with his 5-19 record at Iowa State, is about to take his team to #1 in the BCS rankings. It's definitely not easy to win at ISU and I think it takes a certain mindset and awareness of the challenges you'll face but Rhoads seems to have it.

But, the bottom line for today is that after a horrifying offseason that had ISU athletics staring into an abyss the Cyclones can still manage to bite the hand that threw them the life preserver.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A bit of election stuff

I guess it takes an election to get me out of blog hibernation but I thought this was an interesting and insightful commentary on Kansas politics in the NY Times. Brownback as governor scares the shit out me because he's basically running on a "slash the budget" agenda when there's nothing but bone left to slash. Then there's the whole uber-conservative Christian thing. It feels like we've at least had a Democratic governor to keep their thumb in the dike holding back the flood of crazy aching to break through but with this huge wave barreling towards us I'm worried there's not going to be anyone left standing. My only hope is that, as the article suggests, it might give some of the moderate Republicans a nudge from a party that consists of a large collection of activists that openly loathe them for ideological impurities.

Many of the political ads have me shaking my head but one I saw tonight really made me cringe. Steve Six is a Democrat and the current Attorney General of the state. The ad criticized him for standing up against the health care bill that Obama was "forcing upon us." Six made the decision that he wasn't going to waste the state's nonexistant money by joining a doomed lawsuit fighting for the state's right to prevent its citizens from gaining the benefits included in the new health care law. Of course it's the only logical decision when one looks at it objectively but the ad criticized him for putting his partisan beliefs ahead of the people. Ugh. Bizarro World.

Hmm, with a batshit crazy governor and legislature teamed up I might have to start blogging again. I felt bad when I made a joke about the miners being trapped underground for so long and then they were up before I managed to write more than a post or two...