Sunday, November 07, 2010

Scratch another one off the Bucket List

I think I'm destined to see Iowa State lose football games in every single absolutely gut-wrenching way possible. Having already seen them lose on a blocked PAT I thought we had that one taken care of but missing on a fake PAT in THAT'S new. It's nice that after all these years they're still finding new ways to crush my soul.

As far as the call? I like going for it there. The defense looked gassed and as the underdog I think you're better off shortening the game as much as you can. I'm not crazy about asking your kick holder to make the biggest throw of the game in ridiculous wind. The guy was wide open and he couldn't make the throw. Would they have been better off lining up for one play? Questionable but at least you can go through Arnaud or to Robinson then. Maybe they should have just kicked and hoped for another stop. After hearing people bitch for years about McCarney playing "not to lose" (much of it justified) I don't want to hear crying about a coach that will try to win there.

What sucks the most is that that was pretty much the last chance ever for ISU to beat Nebraska. Ugh. Great, amazing, awesome effort by the team but it's frustrating that I keep thinking about the overthrow against K-State and the underthrow against Nebraska. Much like the destinies of the '04 and '05 teams were changed by missed kicks this season may turn on missed throws.

I watched the end of the game in the Bill Snyder Family Stadium (possibly one of the dumbest names ever) parking lot while I caught much of the rest on the big screen and the radio. I was there as a guest of my uncle to see K-State-Texas which was a lot of fun. K-State just absolutely owns Texas. 3 straight wins and a total beatdown today. At one point it was 31-0 and K-State had 0 passing yards! 0 passing yards! For the day they were 2-4 with 9 yards. Just absurd.

But, yeah, Texas is not good. Their QB is brutal (5 picks but 2, maybe 3 were tipped balls) and the team doesn't really look like they give a shit at this point. Kind of not sad at all for me to see.


Blogger Shawn said...

That ISU game was so painful. It was even painful reading a blog about it. Ouch. But I agree that the call was right, and it took a Crusader to blow it. Paul Rhoads is hitting all the right notes in Ames, and while this is painful, it is a great sign of things to come.

I see Iowa State gathering enough confidence to consistently be in these close game situations more often in the next couple of years; it takes time to get to those games,and the next step is consistently WINNING those games.

Rhoads' trajectory is at an even faster pace than Ferentz' at Iowa - took them 3 years to even start having winning records....

So while this is indeed heartbreaking for both competitive and historic reasons, it is a positive step for Iowa State, and I will be happily watching the rise.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

I spent a good chunk of Sunday morning analyzing video of that last play like it was the Zapruder film. Back and to the left. Back....and to the left.

I've come up with the following conclusions:
1. Kuehl was under more pressure than I originally thought he was. There wasn't much time to get that ball off.
2. I don't think he saw Hagg at all.
3. If he throws it to his outside shoulder it's a score and we're all celebrating.
4. I still love Paul Rhoads. His quote when someone asked about Kuehl: “You mean Daniel Kuehl, the same guy who ran a fake field goal perfectly early in the season as our backup punter and the holder who took that fake field goal right to the last second, drew all of the UNI defenders in and pitched it at the perfect time to allow us to move the first down chains and score a touchdown against UNI? Daniel Kuehl is doing pretty good. He’ll do a nice job of holding again this week and if I ask him to run a fake, I bet he goes out and executes it perfectly.”

You can see why the players would run through a brick wall for the guy.

5. Really? Overtime losses to the Huskers and the Raiders in the same weekend? Whyyyyyyy?
6. This one hurt but I feel so much better about this one than I do about Kansas City losing to Oakland in overtime. The team played a great game and came up just short against a better team. Can't fault them for that.

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