Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

OK, this video might was too ridiculous to pass up. I used up all of my real outrage below so I'll just generally mock this.
Wow, mixed message much?

"You're not going to hook up before you're married?"
"For real?"
"Nope. Oh, except for when I actually already did and got knocked up. But that was really hard and had nothing to do with me becoming a celebrity on all of these popular TV shows and never actually taking care of my kid."

"Hey, kids, don't have sex!"
"But if you do have lots of it!"
"But only with a condom!"
"Because you'll need it with all the anonymous partners you meet in clubs!"

"Here, B Palin, have a condom."
"No, I don't need it because I don't have sex. Even though I already did have sex and got pregnant. Good girls don't need condoms because they made a virginity pledge and those are for life or something so there's no reason why they would ever need a condom around."

Also, doesn't Candie's make clothes for strippers?


Blogger Paul Hattan said...

"Oh SNAP! B Palin!"

I'm confused about the setting. Did "The Sitch" wander backstage at a burlesque show? Are they at a club with a clothing exchange rack? What's my motivation?

Otherwise, top notch PSA.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

It's the clothing the Palin's bought using the McCain 2008 slush fund. The Sitch just wanders around trying to get laid because safe sex or something.

But, yeah, I think he really showed some acting chops in this one.

12:21 AM  

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