Saturday, November 06, 2010

Win or lose, Nebraska still sucks

Today is most likely the last Iowa State-Nebraska football game for a long time, if not ever which is too bad. Sure, they may be self-congratulating pompous assholes but every conference needs a villain and they were a great one. Mostly due to the self-proclaimed "greatest fans in college football" who are more than a little too wrapped up in their football team and will turn on them in an instant ("hey, that 20 year-old kid cost us a football game. wanna go heckle him as he walks out to his car?). Yeah, it's easy to applaud the other team when you're beating them 70-3...assholes. And for a fan base that is supposedly "so knowledgeable" don't they seem to boo, like, every single call that goes against them?

This game always seemed to be played on one of those dreary, just-starting-to-get-cold fall days in Ames and I seemed to spend most of them with my shirt off and some timely slogan written on my chest in magic marker. Ah, the memories. Number one stunnas. Crowd-surfing after touchdowns. The guy who set up a stage in the tailgating lot and performed his original song with a repeating chorus of "fuck Nebraska." Frank Solich is a might midget. Rushing the field in '04. Watching the 2nd half of last year's win with my bro-in-law and cackling with every recap of the numerous turnovers and every stunned fan they showed. For my money there isn't a better "stunned fan" shot than the Huskers. They usually have someone crying or some corn fed loser over reacting.

As much as I hate them I love to hate them even more. The fact that they are coached by Bo Pelini, a man that is almost a caricature of every asshole football coach to ever walk the sidelines, makes it that much easier. So, farewell, cornholers. I have to admit I'll miss having you jerks around.


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