Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kinda spot on

Maureen Dowd being all Maureen Dowd-y on Palin's hunting trip and Obama.
The caribou that waited too pliantly in the cross hairs is doomed to become stew for Palin and an allegory for politics. The elegant animal standing above the fray, dithering rather than charging at his foes or outmaneuvering them, is Obambi. Even with a rifle aimed at him, he’s trying to be the most reasonable mammal in the scene, mammalian bipartisan, and rise above what he sees as empty distinctions between the species so that we can all unite at a higher level of being.

So, I watched the clip of her big hunt and it really is pretty ridiculous. She's totally freaking out and her dad is yelling at her. Meanwhile, the caribou they show is just standing there while she blasts shot after shot at it. Then she's talking a big game about how you have to field dress the dear and pack it out of there. Yeah, right. I liked how they didn't actually show her doing anything other than trying to decide which knife to use.

But, yeah, dude, Obama! They're trying to (figuratively) kill you. Do something!


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