Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Mayor and some Chiefs talk

Before the season I was worried that Iowa State was going to be a historically bad team (I mean, they were bringing back 3 or 4 guys from a team that pretty much sucked anyway) but they're off to a 13-2 start which is apparently the best since the 2000-01 team (unhhh JT). Granted the schedule has been pretty much a joke but they've still got road wins against Iowa and Virginia which is a decent accomplishment. Apparently people are starting to notice because there was actually a pretty good writeup about the Mayor in the New York Times today.

The whole thing is such a ridiculously "Iowa" story that I would love to mock it except it's actually kind of awesome. Blond-haired, blue-eyed, former ball boy, star player marries his high school sweetheart and returns from an NBA career to lead his alma mater. Is it too early to put him on the Iowa Mt. Rushmore next to Kurt Warner?

Anyway, here's another article from the alumni magazine that covers pretty much the same territory except it contained this gem:
eating at the now-defunct Happy Joe’s
Worst. Pizza buffet. Ever.

Hey, the Chiefs are back in the playoffs. The last time I saw them win a playoff game I was wearing glasses and braces so it's been a while. Not surprisingly, Berman and Jackson still had the same shtick. I still have a vivid memory of watching Keith Cash spike the ball on Buddy Ryan's face after his TD (around 3:00 in the video).

My expectations are lower this year but it's worth noting that a loss will give the Chiefs an NFL-record 7 game playoff losing streak. That's pretty epic.

I'd feel a lot better if they were playing the Jets instead of the Ravens and I hadn't watched the Raiders D crush Cassel for four quarters and they had a more consistent defense and they didn't have a track record of completely melting down in the playoffs never know.


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