Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Arming the world

This video seemed appropriate after I read this about the US and Europe selling weapons to Libya over the last few years. We sold about $50 million worth of stuff to them during the Bush years and only congressional intervention stopped a $77 million deal from going through earlier this year. That may sound bad but Europe was in for about $450 million last year alone!

I wish i could say this is unbelievable except we've seen it all before time and time again. We loved sending shit over to the Taliban when they were using it against the Soviet Union and Iraq was definitely our buddy when they were fighting Iran. Who could have predicted we'd end up fighting them later???

So, we're selling stuff to Gadhafi earlier this year and now suddenly he's a ruthless dictator that we must eliminate? Well, no shit, he was the same ruthless dictator 6 months ago and everyone knew it. We'll bomb the hell out of them, make some new enemies, spend insane amounts of money, and hope that we end up with a Libya that's slightly more tolerable than the current one (at best). Oh yeah, and the military-industrial complex rakes in obscene profits by selling weapons to both sides. Same old story.


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